@Smiles48 Wrong again Smiles. I have already explained that the 50 d.m.a. would return to the 200 d.m.a. and that it might cross it and that it is normal behaviour for a very bullish move. And no it hasn't crossed it yet. But it will probably cross it if the shareprice remains low today. You remain utterly clueless with regards to technical analysis when I have already explained this move to you. Yet another pointless spoon-feeding session.

In the past, for other stocks, I have deliberately sold shares down to the 200 d.m.a. and then boosted the 50 d.m.a. to kick off a bullish run. I haven't done it this time around because I know there is still another 3 to 4 weeks worth of stock still in the hands of the sellers. But it could be somebody else who is manipulating the shareprice for just such a move

But in this case I don't have to fake it and CCD stock is far too valuable to risk losing in shareprice manipulations.