Your lack of appreciation of technical analysis is astounding. On the daily chart the 50 d.m.a crossed up through the 200 d.m.a. when I mentioned it and is still riding above the 200 d.m.a. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the technicals would know that the 50 d.m.a. would normally return to the 200 d.m.a. and touch it, sometimes launching off it, sometimes going back down through it before launching upwards, sometimes and depending on when new is announced it can launch before the 200 d.m.a. is touched.

The 50 d.m.a is still riding above the 200 d.m.a. So much for your clueless comment regarding the downward movement of the shareprice.

But more than that you have no idea what the JV'd claims are worth. You have no idea what the exploration results are going to be like. Nor do you respect track-record on good information. And despite my spoon-feeding you with good information you are still clueless.

You are a waste of time and space.