Don't know what you're smoking there Midas ($1.30 when the news comes out) ??

I admire your enthousiasm though.  And yes I would be more than glad to make more than 100% profit on a venture stock (at 0.25), any venture stock.  :-)

If it goes by the 0.30 mark, I will buy back in.  And I congratulate you for your DD work on this one, very interesting.  Let's just hope that the news does'nt come out in July.   And again, I'm convinced that the great results will come out with a PP slapped onto it, and believe me that PP will be close to 0.10 and not what you what you're thinking, because there are time and under/over % amount of a PP set by the IIROC.  As you can see the sp has been held in place for quite a while at the 0.10-0.12 range.

BTW don't talk about the year high technical thing, remember what you mentioned here as soon as the MA50 crossed over the MA200, you said this is extremely bullish... well ever since the sp dropped, so much for the technicals on this one.