There are no financiers involved. This is a small cap stock. No financier has ever heard of CCD. What has been invested in CCD thus far has been invested by speculators. The only people who have been dictating the price thus far are those who were dumb enough to sell between 10 and 14 cents and they are almost out of stock to sell. For the last 3.5 years the shareprice has oscillated between 10 and 25 cents and the heavy sellers have all sold out between 10 and 14 cents.

If they had any sense they would be trying to buy it back because the exploration results will be good. Far better than anybody here was expecting. But who is there left to sell it back to them? Almost nobody. The selling has been leached. Just like the minerals that flow with gravity during the leaching process. From higher ground to lower ground. Only the selling of CCD has been leached out at the lower end of the shareprice range. Feeble investors that couldn't muster enough strength to do a little reading and a little research.

You'll know when CCD attracts the attention of a financier. That will be when the market cap starts moving up on Saturn V rockets. They'll look at the proved up exploration results, compare them with what LCC has proven up before, they'll see 1.5 cents per pound of copper. As the dollars are embossed on their eyeballs the background noises 'Kerching! Kerching!' will be heard plainly on the TSX as the volume for CCD trounces everything else on the TSX.

Then there will be a press release that tells you what I already know. Too late. It'll cost you $1.30 to buy CCD when they make that press release. The one that tells you about the geographical morphology to the north west of what LCC has already explored. Oh, what a surprise. Nobody could see it coming. More like, nobody could be bothered to do a little reading and a little research.