@Smiles48 It has nothing to do with 'family and friends'. They are not selling free paper. It's nothing to do with flow through shares. It's about private placements. Anybody could have bought shares on a private placement. Some of those that have are basically selling the shares that they have already paid for. Why? Because they can continue to hold the piece of paper that gives them the right to buy a share for every share that they'd bought at a later date i.e. they don't have to leave any money invested until they want to buy those shares at the already agreed price just before they sell them.

CCD won't be the next OSK. However, CCD will be vastly superior to LCC. Why? Because it has a 50% stake in four times more land than LCC does and that land is as rich in minerals as LCC's is.

I don't play the national lottery. That's a waste of time. There is next to zero chance in winning the national lottery. CCD is a 100 per cent guaranteed winner.