As midas mentioned before, the selling is due to family and friends (or insiders or someone) selling their free paper, nearly 30 million of it at 0.10, so even if they sell at 0.10, because it's flow throug shares, they still make money.  I agree with midas that the fondamentals are (or will be) there, but who can profit from this game?  90% of the time it's not the shareholders.  One time in my life time I saw one that slipped through my fingers and that's OSK, yes I owned OSK and sold cheaply, but I also owned many others and gained because I sold cheaply.

Will CCD be the next OSK?  Depends how the management play the game, with their financings and distribution of fortune.

If I was a participant in this past PP at 0.10 I would be waiting for this news to come out and dump my shares into the volume that the news will create (I would aim at 0.16).  It's a race because other participants might think like me.  Why would I sell, because I know they will come out with another PP, so I would participate in that one as well, and the cycle starts all over again.  So you see there is a game for everyone, some play the markets strickly by participating in PPs.

But in the long run, maybe midas is right, maybe he's holding the next winning lottery ticket???