Lumina's contracted drill team is carrying out the exploration. Inevitably, what anybody thinks Lumina is most likely to hear the results first. After all the drill team has been employed by Lumina all along. Even though Salta is paying for half the wages (and CCD is paying half of what Salta is paying).

Bill McWilliam is the CEO of CCD.

You are worrying yourself unnecessarily. I already know that the results will be good and I am not selling till I see a number that is a hundred times larger than the current number. I will not be selling at 32.5 cents. I will not be selling at 130 cents. At these prices you are being handed the gift of a lifetime. The region is rich in minerals all the way to the largest copper mine in the world which is in Chile. Investment opportunities do not get any less complicated than this.

Salta has staked most of the local map and CCD owns half of Salta.