The selling is more to do with holding paper without investing cash. It is done by those who bought in on private placements.

I already have a good idea what the results are and have known for months. I bought more stock yesterday. The selling is nothing to do with the results we are all waiting for.

If you have any doubts think about this. We know that Lumina had very good published results 25 meters from the JV'd claims. Unless the Gods have figured out a way to separate the geology with an enormous piece of immortal glass or shipped in geology from somewhere else it is unlikely that the good results do not continue in to the JV'd claims.

More than that we also have seen results from initial exploration published by CCD. All of this indicates that the coming exploration results will be better than good.

It is natural for the human mind to have doubts when the shareprice is going down. When I see the shareprice go down all I see is an opportunity to buy more cheaply because I know that the geology is good. I can't wait to see the exploration results. I have never been more certain about any other stock. I am all in and will lose my shirt if I'm wrong. Bring it on.