It isn't hard to drive the price of CCD up. The hard part is keeping it there when private placement sellers are minimising how much cash they have invested.

The majority bought in at around 12 cents and have the right to buy another share at 14 cents. So they have been selling the one that they have already paid for and put that money in the bank. Then they sit on the piece of paper that allows them to buy one at 14 cents and wait for the shareprice to go up.

I have estimated that even if there is no exciting news released that with the current volume of share turnover, private placement holders will run out of shares to sell in less than 2 months, and if private placement holders want to sell more they will have to buy that extra share in order to sell it.

However, when the exploration results are released and if the news is anywhere near as exciting as I know it will be then the virtual wall of resistance that the private placement holders have built will evaporate. If the exploration results are published tomorrow then that wall will vanish tomorrow.

The volume of shares traded shows that CCD has been spinning its wheels a bit like a car at the start of a drag race. When the wheels finally gain traction the acceleration will be phenomenal i.e. the share price will move vertically for several days.

If everybody that invested in shares took the time and trouble to understand exactly what they were investing in then share price movements would be much smoother. But in this case most investors want to see the results before they jump on board. That's ok with me. They will pay much more per share than I have.

What amazes me is that the market overall has not priced in the JV with Lumina. The shareprice has not moved since the JV was announced. Apparently a JV with Lumina is worthless. Does anybody here think that a JV with Lumina is worthless?