I honestly do not consider this investment to be a gamble. I already know that there is less copper but there is more molybdenum. Moly is worth almost three times more than copper. I also know that there is more gold and silver with emphasis on gold.

From what I already know the overall value of the minerals will be surprisingly greater than that found by Lumina at Taca Bajo.

The way that private placement buyers have ruthlessly abused their rights I find partly irritating and partly laughable. Those sellers clearly have no idea what they have sold out of in their hurriedness to bank a guaranteed profit. They are ruthless moneygrabbers that have no appreciation of the value of this deposit. I reckon that they have sold their shares for less than one tenth of what they are actually worth. If I am wrong then selling at between 11 cents and 14 cents was still a big mistake because in the worst case this deposit must easily increase the value of CCD by 2.5 times.

Why sell at 14 cents when you can sell at the very least at 32.5 cents. Their sales make no sense. Unless they think that they can buy more on private placement before the share price goes up. I very much doubt that they will pull that off. If the CEO allows them to pull that off then he should be lined up in front of a firing squad.