For the first time Lumina Copper has published an official date for when the exploration of the first joint ventured claim was completed and what exploration was carried out in their Management's Discussion & Analysis (MD&A):

"... completion of ten reverse circulation drill holes totalling 3,695 metres, the exploration program on both these concessions was completed on November 28, 2012."

Which also indicates that they invested more money in the exploration than Corrientes Argentina and Salta Exploraciones were legally required to since this date is a couple of weeks after the deadline.

That will also delay the publication of the exploration results by a couple of weeks. No date is given as to when we can expect the exploration results. Normally, you'd expect to see them before the end of this month. The exploration contractors are the same contractors used by Lumina Copper who were doing the exploration 25 meters from CCD's boundary. Therefore Lumina Copper controls when the exploration results are pubished. But make no mistake, this is 50/50 equal partnership joint venture. Salta is not just 'along for the ride' as claimed by some ignorant/arrogant Lumina shareholders.