The four largest events look like some kind of share transfer from indirect ownership to direct ownership that were carried out in paperwork (off-market) and reported. It's  a shame they didn't contribute to volume on the market but they netted zero either way.

I've seen Clucas sell tranches in the past. Don't understand why anybody would bother with a $2,000 transaction. Maybe he needed some cash to buy Christmas presents with. Or maybe he likes seeing his name being reported on Insider Dealing. His timing this time around sucks badly. He'll be kicking himself when the shareprice moves up.

The 50 day moving average is just about to cross the 200 day moving average on the daily charts. 50 d.m.a. is trending upwards and 200 d.m.a currently flat.

On the weekly charts both the 50 d.m.a. and 200 d.m.a are trending upwards.

An upwards move is imminent. Anybody who shows an interest in CCD who understands charts and  looks at the technical charts will conclude that it is an obvious buy.

Since the JV was announced the buying has been predominantly by buyers who have placed their orders at the bid price. Only a few buyers have been buying at the buy price. Virtually no buyers have placed buy orders 'to buy at market'. If they had there would have been lots of jerky upward moves on the chart. Only a couple of those. At some point the selling at the bid price will fade and the buyers will have to move to  the buy price. That will happen soon.