Hello clinc853,

Haven't got any new information to tell. Just waiting for the exploration results to be published like everybody else. We know that exploration of Fran I (One) had to be completed a couple of weeks ago (even though nothing has been press released). I suspect that we will see some results for Fran I before the end of the year and Fran II in Q1 of 2013.

You are definitely better off buying CCD rather than LCC when you are only investing a few k because you have to wait for a big rise to recoup your broker's commissions on LCC. On CCD you recoup your broker's commissions when CCD moves up half a cent above your buy in price.

Rest assured that you can't lose on CCD or LCC and there is much more potential for gains in CCD.

If Lumina does not expand on exploration (and the CEO has indicated that there are no plans for any more exploration after Fran I and Fran II) then its shareprice will stay below 18 dollars per share. As LCC approaches 18 dollars CCD should approach 1.30 dollars per share. A doubling in LCC will see a ten fold increase in CCD.

That should happen when the formal exploration results for Fran I and Fran II are announced if they are anything like what the informal results already indicate. Even if the exploration results are below par. For example, if they are only one quarter as good as expected CCD should still rise to around 32 cents and LCC to somewhere around 12 dollars per share.

CCD should press release as soon as they see the results for Fran I. Not convinced that LCC will press release before they see the results for Fran II. LCC is always holding back on information that it gives out to its shareholders. Most of LCC's shareholders haven't heard of CCD despite the JV.