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 Posted by outtahere58 | July 03, 2014 - 08:05 AM | Post# 22712074

Chief at it again

I have kept my word and ingored Chief's garbage for several months. But I see he has just started distributing yet another revised version of his record on Zen and his actions (every single one of his versions of the story are different and change the facts) and really cannot let this brazen self promotoion and distortion of the facts pass.  Below is a post I made here several months ago. I have not changed a word. Nor have I updated it to include his shenanigans since - but it is clear that the pattern descrbed below has clearly continued this year.  

I do not intend to make the same mistake I have made for the past few months and waste too much time each day reading and responding to Chief.  The only things I miss now that I am gone from TCC (I posted a resignation message but chief booted me and made sure it did not appear, so some folks might not even know I am gone yet) are;
  1. Some of the good folks who are still there, and
  2. Seeing how many recommendations that the posts from the more knowledgeable members got, and how few – usually zero – that Chief got for his posts. (Some of the highest reco’d posters are gone now, so perhaps this point is gradually becoming moot.)
However, as Chief does not control this board, or its members, and cannot block or delete posts, I have decided to take this opportunity to once and for all to put on the record why TCC disintegrated and why so many no longer trust it. It was nothing to do with the longs not liking traders. The problem was with what was being done to facilitate the kinds of trades some wanted to make.
I am sure chief will respond again to this and give yet another revisionist history of his action since last summer, but here is the chronology as supported by posts made at the time.
I joined TCC early last year on advice from a friend and at first was most impressed with Chief and trusted what he said. Indeed, last summer, I added to my Zen load quite significantly in the $4s, in large part because chief was posting on TCC – and here, as some of you will recall – that the price should go to $8 and. Just as importantly, that he was not selling single one of his shares, which at the time he indicated numbered 800,000.
I did not hold it against him that the price actually kept going down. I know there are no guarantees and that Chief could not be right all the time. He did not force me to buy – though he as a powerful influence. I never once posted any complaint or concern about it.
Where my view of him changed was when we found out after the fact that he had been selling all along. Indeed some of the shares I bought in the $4s could have been his.
This shock was revealed on the day we got the crystalinity report from Zen, which indicated the product was good for all high-end batteries and other hi value uses.
We were of course hoping this would put to rest the nonsense from Fulp etc. We were blindsided therefore when Chief stated posting that there was a problem because the NR did not specially say Li-on. It was in the exchanges over this that Chief revealed he had already sold most of his shares.
This news did the rounds like wild fire – Mr. Zen no longer was that wowed and has sold the stock.
It was hard to get over that, but we were just getting to some sought of normality when the 43-101 came out. We were all pleased, it was very good news, and indeed Chief’s first comment of the day was that it was good – and the price shot up for a bit.
Half way through the morning, however, he announced it was not so good, because he had decided from the whittle model provided that there as a huge problem with overburden and he was selling again.
He was totally wrong – had misread the map and made totally false assumptions without checking his facts and then posted them for all to see. He was the only one to make these claims, and they were quickly repudiated from all sides. But the news was that “Mr. Zen Investor” was again knocking and selling. The SP went down again.
Which brings us to the last few weeks, The SP finally stated rebounding – as well it should.
However, Chief had posted on CCB boards that he was now into this and that it would take of first, while Zen would take much longer. Hs message was you could by CCB now, make a killing, and then later buy Zen, which would still be cheap.
But I fact the reverse has happened.
We have since had Chief revive a totally bogus argument about Zen having not as much product as he thought it was supposed to. As was sorted out in December, the extremely conservative 43-101 waste in line with what the company said it had. RPG also offered $8,500 per tonne as a reasonable expectation – based on its opinion, not Zen.
The only expectation that was not met was the higher one that Chief had repeatedly promoted, and had repeatedly been warned was too high.
After wasting days battling this little firestorm from Chief, we were hit with a new inside attack. Now all of a sudden Chief was questioning again where the $8,500K price came from and whether it was valid - even though the facts were there for anyone who read the 43-101 and the SEDAR filing – which surely Chief would have done.
This was the last straw for me. No matter what anyone posed, he kept changing his question or comments to keep the battle going.
The fact that Chief as the first and loudest critic of the Roth presentation was not a big deal by the way. I suspect most, if honest, would agree it was dull and lacking the pizzazz we might have liked – though the facts were still there and some of us are reassured by the fact that ZEN is taking care to prove up everything, rather than operating on hype. Of course it as no surprise that chief should make a big deal of it.
The gratifying news is that Chief seems to have lost a lot of his influence. In the case of CCB and ZEN the markets are doing to opposite of what he is telling folks they should do.
So there you have it. One man’s story on why he is no longer on TCC. It is not worth the agro, and I no longer feel I need to keep tabs on what Chief is saying because it no longer seems to matter. Besides, turns out that if I really do have to know what Chief is saying, I can always check SH – now that he is back posting again for the non TCC folk.