the IGNORE option in the drop down just below the posters name.

i know their goal is to scare and make people give up, who wouldnt want to given you might feel you are associated with such losers, but just use ignore and enjoy the ride up.

I once knew a stock promoter.
He's dead now, died about a year ago.

Did so much coke and was so crazy his heart gave out--blew up. So wrapped up in the penny-stock world.

Massive heart attack as he got out of bed.
Wife at his side, his 2 kids rushed in panic from their rooms at 6am
Daddy died right there on his bedroom floor.

Doing coke all night buying beers the night before, trying to convince 'the boys' to stay with his 'contract'

Went home each night. Stressed cus he gave his cell to "clients".  Calls all night long.

R.I.P Doug