Hey Gen,

Are you for real?

If I tried to hide anything why did I cut & past nearly the whole ruling in my "Venture Temporary Hardship Relief" post.  I posted it here  FYI did I not? With all due respect, without my post you would not know anything about the details of the ruling, would you? So pleaaase...

Now with regard to the $500K limit. I just want to remind you that Mina Hydrocarbon (whivh you have remove the name off the NR, for whatever reason that I don't care about) the maximum amount of the  PP was $500K eventhough the company's funding requirements were $3M. Imho, the "except as may otherwise be specically consented to by the EXchange" is a not a simple approval process otherwise what would be the need to set a limit of $500K at all. At a minimum it would mean additional time & effort must be spent by management to secure that approval. And Bard does not have the luxury of time, does it?

Furthermore, if you read Bard financial reports you would know that Bard owes EB and his consulting firm at least $100K since June of 2012 so I don't think the $50K would be enough.


Having said the above, let me repeat that if management ever come to me and offer to double my holding with shares @ 1 ct + a warrant, I would gladly contribute to the funds required to turn the Bard around.

Debating about the subject here on this anonymous board would not change anything to the precarious situation of Bard other than inflating or defalting the ego of anonymous posters. So again, have you run this idea of your by EB? and if the answer is yes then what was his response to your idea?