Hey Gen,

I thought you were the driving force behind this idea. Have you communicated this idea of yours to management? If yes then what was their reply?

Like I said, debating about the subject on this board, expressing support or not expressing support on this board would not change a thing other than inflating or deflating the ego of anonymous posters..

I've already expressed my doubt about the feasibilty of this "financing by issuing more than 100M new shares @ 1 ct to the mass shareholders" as I believe it may cost the company more than it would make it worth the effort. Furthermore I have never seen it done before and I must admid that my knowledge about this subject is absolutely limited so I would not know what to say to management. So I yield to your expertise and leadership on the matter.


But let me say that if management  ever come to me and offer to double my holding @ 1 ct per share plus a warrant, then I would gladly say Yes to add my money to the funds required by management to turn Bard around.