GenHandGren wrote: "you can (as I do) focus on the value of the assets (as described in the Lone Pine PEA report)"


This shows the degree of your ignorance. You did really not read the Lone Pine PEA, didn't you? Or are you trying to con people by hiding the truth? LOLOLOLOL


Let me make it easy for you: In the last MD&A there was a summary of the Lone Pine PEA. Pages 5- 6 of the MD&A clearly indiacte that the base economic case (i.e the NPV) of Lone Pine was based on a MO price of US$19.00 per pound. The current Mo is around $US11.00 per pound. At the current Mo price of $US11.00 per pound, Lone Pine is not economical feasible at all.


Excerpts from the MD&A

Pre-production capital expenditures, including contingencies, are estimated to be $435 million. The Property has an estimated pre-tax net present value (“NPV”) of $505 million (at a 5% discount rate) and an internal rate of return (the IRR”) of 12.4% using a base case Mo price of US$19.00 per pound and Cu price of US$3.00 per pound. These prices correspond to the approximate three year trailing average prices of these metals as of December 31, 2010.


Sensitivity of Project Economics to Mo Prices at Various Discount Rates



Mo US$ per


Pound                    IRR                   NPV (millions of $) @


0%                    5%                    7%                    10%

$19.00                    12.4%         1,233                505                   320                   112