Ya ya keep posting negative things (truths in your mind) Mr big time shareholder counter productive for a shareholder to do that but hey who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth . LOLOLOL. I figure ya got to be paid to do it cause you ain't makin money on the SP. 

Fact is you can focus on obstacles CBS has to deal with, and how management isn't doing anything (which for some reason you self proclaimed shareholders seem to do)


you can (as I do) focus on the value of the assets (as described in the Lone Pine PEA report) and potential for this company (significant silver and rhenium minerals that are not included in the PEA).

In my opinion sooner or later someone will make a fair offer there is just too much value there for that not to happen.  In the mean time we got to put up with this constant negative commentary and BS designed to discourage buying by those (vulture group) who want to pick up the company/assets cheap. 

Cut the BS and make a fair offer.