GenHandGren wrote: "Come on sell into the bid LOLOLOLOL. Rube"



Thank you for another admission,LOLOLOLOLOL

There are only $7.2K sitting on the Bid @ 1cts. How much of that "big" amount represents your Bid order? LOLOLOLOLOL


You don't realize that the Bid orders are so samall that you and MolyFinders are practically part of the selected few who sits on the Bid right now do you? LOLOLOLOLOL


You are calling us "bashers". But what would be the purpose of our bashing when the bid orders @ 1 ct come from you and Molyfinder and not from us?  What would be the purpose of our bashing when you and Molyfinder are the one who are craving for cheap1-ct shares and not us. LOLOLOLOL


With the sp at 1.5 cts most of us here are already suffering a  98% loss. We don't want anymore shares not at 1-ct nor at haft a penny.