I could not care less when an idiot sides with another obnoxious moron. Who cares about idiots and morons. LOLOLOL.


But GenHandGren, you are more than just a stupid speculator are you not? LOLOLOLO


This GenHandGren is actually an unscrupulous bottom fisher / penny-flipper speculator  who bought into CBS at 2 cts then systematically proceeds to act as a pumper as well as to incite other to pump blindly like him so he can flip for a quick buck. LOLOLOLOL


This guy asks people to lie about the precarious that Bard is in right now. He urges people to hide the cash flow insolvency situation of Bard. This guy doesn't care about the truth. This guy doesn't care about the deep sense of frustration / disappointment / anger of the honest shareholders who have seen their investment in Bard loss almost the total of its value. Such an  odious / abominable / unscrupulous pumper and con artist must be exposed for what he is. LOLOLOLOLOLOL