Well said. May I add my 2-cts as follows:

1) The base case economics scenario for Lone Pine was based on Mo price = US$19 per pound. What is the price of Mo now? somewhere between US$11 - $12.

2) BXV just did a 2:1 roll back when its sp was around 2 - 2.5 cts. Now EB is arranging a PP for $300K @ 5 cts per unit with possible participation from management / insiders. A success here means that there is still hope for CBS. If EB can pull a rabbit out of a hat for Beatrix then I hope he can also do magic for Bard but, imho, not without a roll back as in the case of BXV (regardless of the negative stigma that is usually associated with a roll back). If management really believe in the furure of Bard then they must put money back into the company as an investment via a PP, now more than ever.  

3) A JV is another possibilty that I pray for. But with property assets listed around $200K in its books indicating that the book value of Bard is even way less than the $1.74M Market Cap I really don't know probable it is.

4) We have been kept in the dark for a while now. I do expect more info from EB about CBS future at the Jan General meeting if not before.


Angry is an understatement for many of us.