I have to agree that CBJ appears very undervalued next to deal for the Vetas spin-off. I also feel the purchase of the Cali property from GWY and the spin-outs of the two spinco's is/was a god-send for GWY holders (I am one.) . They were burning cash in last qtr and I had to wonder why such incredibly favorable terms for that $10MM short term loan...$9MM drawdown and pay interest from other $1MM. It strikes me they 'knew' a deal was to be consummated in the short-term, lenders included!!! No wonder so much buying of GWY. Those bankers/brokers!! I digress for I feel confident the spin-outs together will prove valuable assets and I trust the value of CBJ will be unlocked sooner rather than later now that the GWY Vetas prospects has been made independant,