I'm wondering about market cap too. They should have about 100 Mill out after the vend- in and adjusted for a 3 for 1 roll back which gives a market cap of roughly $ 140 Mill with approx $ 60 mill in cash meaning the property is being valued at $ 80 Mill.

So for every 3000 shares you buy today at roughly .46 your getting 1000 shares of new co. which needs to hold $ 1.40 

But current buyers will also get another 1000 shares of East Africa with approx 70 million shares out and $ 28 Mill in cash or roughly .40 per share.

So I guess as long as both Co.'s hold their values post reorg then todays buy @ .46 should work out to ownership of 1000 shares of East Africa @  .40 and 1000 shares of Orca @ 1.40 giving an unrealized profit of .40 on your $ 1.40 investment at today's prices. 

Think that's right anyweigh .