"I am only speculating that one, they have had sufficient time to get something going; and two, they would not want to go into an Annual meeting without a firm realistic plan and face some irrate shareholders."


Regarding point #1, you are totally correct.

As for your second assumption, dream on. Chances are that the AGM, which will be held at their office on 12-21-12 of all days, will be a quick in & out rubber stamp job, nothing more. After taking a couple of simple questions, I believe they will call it a day and just shuffle everyone out the door. Perhaps there will even be some security there to ensure things run smoothly. IMHO, there will be no celebratory cocktails, fancy hors d'oeuvres or free t-shirt giveaways this year. Sorry, ike.

But...just for kicks, let's say you are correct and that some grand master plan has indeed been in the works all this time. For them to suddenly spring some sort of great news on shareholders at the AGM (that they would presumably have been sitting on for months) would open up many more cans of worms, would it not? Just sayin...