Absolutely so, Olli'!!!

If the previous amount of buy-back has had any affect to support the shares, I'd hate to see where the share price would be now without it.

As far as royalties go there are better ones to be had than CAA offers. It would be a much more attractive holding with your suggested dividend to encourage buying and share price support. The other half of the equation though is putting this company up on the TSX where people shop for and expect to find Royalty companies. If what I have read is correct, there is only one other and one soon to be, royalty companies on the venture, so how many investors are likely to find us or them unless they are hand led. The only plus to CAA's royalty is hopefully a windfall from the law suit if we don't all die first waiting for the end of it. Nevertheless, law suit aside, a higher dividend would be a much more solid and present atribute for the company to promote.

It does cross my mind that our exective might be just as content to sit on the venture and collect the same personal remuneration for doing the lesser amount of required TSX.V filing etc. than on the TSX. Then on the other hand I can't understand that Roland wouldn't be more intent on increasing the value of his own mega-share position.