it's pretty silly where the stock price is. It really all comes down to how they handle all the money though. Personally i don't want to see money spent on companies that may never see a dime in revenue, and why the heck should we pay above market for some of the shares we're going to purchase in some of these companies? Management is paying .18 cents for wallbridge shares, yet it hasn't traded at .18 cents since last march? If you're going to finance juniors, there is NO need to pay over market in this environment IMO.

Still, the fact remains, as long as profitability is maintained by HBM over the next 8 years and copper remains fairly stable we should bring in between 3-5 million per quarter, call it 3 to be conservative. With projected mine life at 2020-2021 we have about 32 more quarters remaining, at a minimum. That's close to 100 million into the bank. Add to that our cash now + shares in companies etc and the future looks pretty sound. 

Nothing wrong with the 2 cents per quarter. At .08 cents per year, that's another .64 per share over the next 8 years. Hard to find any junior mining stock that will pay you anything at all.