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Callinan Royalties Corporation V.CAA

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals
Alternate Symbol(s): CCNMF

Callinan Royalties Corp is engaged in management of its royalty interests in Canada & acquisition & creation of mineral royalties.
Price: $1.77 | Change: $-0.03 | % Change: -1.67%
Volume: 133,203 | Day High/Low: 1.80/1.76 | 52 Week High/Low: 2.34/1.40

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RE:RE:@ Perky 38

Sorry, bt, ....Sometimes it's just a little hard for an old guy to remember everything among all the great deals we've picked up.  I suppose too, it's because I'm just such a naturally greedy SOB, but...read more
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RE:@ Perky 38

Hey Isaya, rember this? July 31, 2012 Callinan Royalties Provides Financing to Gold Royalties Corporation View PDF VANCOUVER, Canada - Callinan Royalties Corporation ("Callinan") has...read more
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@ Perky 38

Your post can't possibly be true. Rolland told us there just were not any good deals around anywhere or god knows, we'd have surely had this! .....Right? ....Ya, right.  rate and reply
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GRO-Royalty -5 New Royalties aquired

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - April 7, 2014) - Gold Royalties Corporation (TSX VENTURE:GRO) ("Gold Royalties" or "Company") is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding letter of...read more
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http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C:LVNT-2163254&symbol=LVNT®ion=C,   Globe says Livent creditors awarded $85-million 2014-04-07 06:26 ET - In the News   The Globe and Mail...read more
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RE:Callinan: What's not to like ?

Why a royalty company vice a mining company, more upside in a mining company....... yes/no? I see the guarantee, of the NSR  and less risk as you are spread out with lots of companies NSRs, so you...read more
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RE:Above Average Volume

Well I guess it was buy on rumour sell on news situation... RD http://www.callinan.com/s/news.asp?ReportID=643687  rate and reply
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Above Average Volume

Volume and a ten cent move...lots of folks think its a good bet...something up??? RD  rate and reply
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RE:Another good development for CAA

Cute. They have 33% of the revenue contribution coming from copper, which they've figured at $3.30/lb (current copper price: $2.98/lb). Beyond that, their summary shows $30 million in total...read more
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Another good development for CAA

Wallbridge makes the production decision. Another revenue stream coming on line soon...RD http://www.wallbridgemining.com/s/NewsReleases.asp?ReportID=642757&_Type=News-Releases&_Title=Wallbridge...read more
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RE:RE:Avrupa Hit Massive Sulphide

Geting a cursory nod in yesterday's quarterly report:  "We are also pleased to see progress in some of the companies in which we have invested."  rate and reply
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RE:Avrupa Hit Massive Sulphide

Very nice.  Last news from October 2013 has CAA owning over 9% of Avrupa shares.  Avrupa currently trading at  $0.20/$0.17 range and the buy was at $0.10 a share.  So far looks good. Even better CAA...read more
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Avrupa Hit Massive Sulphide

There is a story on the Avrupa website indicating intersecting massive sulphides in a project where they are partnered with Antofagasta...Just another good holding of Callinan...RD  rate and reply
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Callinan: What's not to like ?

1. Highly qualified new directors wanting to maintain the management status- quo. 2. Highly qualified dissident group wanting to throw them out. 3. Each wanting to increase their share position. 4...read more
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RE:RE:Hudbay empties its coffers

Duck Confit,                        You are a dumb animal. :)  Most pigeons are more enlightened.             Canada Moose  rate and reply
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RE:Hudbay empties its coffers

It's an all-stock offer, so their cash position won't change if it's accepted. More to the point, it gives us an idea of the type of acquisitions HBM is interested in. This is a near-producer that...read more
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Hudbay empties its coffers

HudBay just offered a half billion for Augusta so that should empty their coffers a bit and reduce their appetite to consume CAA and make the legal claim go away. Augasta responds to hostile takeover  rate and reply
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Good Move

Moving nicely today...wonder why?...RD  rate and reply
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$1.75 exercise and grants ?

As of 11:59pm ET January 22nd, 2014 Filing Date Transaction Date Insider Name Ownership Type Securities Nature of transaction ...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Callinan Management Attn Please re Hudbay Minerals

No, but thank you for giving something to report you to stockhouse for.    I strongly suggest you get help with your mental health issues.  rate and reply