As mentioned, Bayfield is a SPONSOR of Doug Casey's article. Thus Bayfield PAYS to have that report written in one way, shape or form.

Anyone that has to go out and pay a news letter writer to write a report automatically put themselves in question IMO...It lacks objectivity plain and simple, because they are going to concentrate on the good things to write as opposed to the negatives. Kinda like you having to pay someone to write up an article of why you're such a good investor...

"We like to recomend Bluesteele and his ability to throw a dart at a board, regurgitate propaganda written by others...Although having very little objective analysis of his own...We like Blue, he might only be 16 but he certainly think he knows what he's doing..He pays us money..He's a good guy."..Ugg

First lesson, Think on your own dude..