I guess most people who subscribe to stockhouse pages don't realize that the TSE is there to sell penny mine ventures -selling is the key word - which is the main word to be considered in respect of Bayfield-this is your typical penny stock it went up and now it is down-actually the west side of the Burns property was drilled by Rainy River Resources to a small degree-that drilling information is easy to find ! So the Burns property was not a NEW  gold discovery but at the beginning it was touted to be that.When I found out that Rainy River had drilled on the West side of the property ( with similar assay reports to Bayfield ! ) I had a good enough reason not to invest-add to this why would Rainy River buy this property when they have enough on their plate already- a large mine- They could wait for years even if the Burns property was worth while before they bought it out ! I'm betting ten or fifteen cents a share is not far off for Bayfield shares or less - remember the word selling -Instead of buying TSE junk sell it instead -especially when it is extremely promoted and overpriced .