The point is that what we are seeing develop in front of our eyes is what some will look at 50 years from now as the last major gold rush in Ontario.

The Kenora-Rainy River corridor is beginning to show signs that it may become a huge gold production area that will rival Red Lake.

Specifically, in the Rainy River area there are four main players that may become the foundation of a huge mining operation that will emerge from Rainy River Resources. T. RR

My interest is in not just any one specific company, my interest is in how can all of these players impact the economies of scale and life span of any mining operation within this Rainy River area.

I just happen to believe that when it is all said and done the following companies and their land holdings in the area will as a whole make up the Rainy River area mining effort.

Those companies are T.RR / V.BYV / V.CYY / V.KBG

To that end I expect that 2013 will bring a very significant number of transactions that will set this foundation for future mining in the Rainy River area.

In regards to v.byv regardless of the history of the management group behind BYV, I believe they are doing the right thing here. They must continue drilling their properties as long as the cost of discovery is not greater than the in-situ value of the discovery.

I believe it would be very foolish of me as an investor to not position myself in a fashion to not benefit from this emerging gold camp. In fact I believe in time I will end up with a significant number of shares in whoever the ultimate operator of this gold camp might be, T.RR or another major.


I fprsee making a good return on investment from future dividends from this operator.

I anticipate at minimum a 25 year mine life of the larger operation that will encompass the entire land package held by all four of these players.

The future for this area is bright and one must look at the bigger picture. Not just T.rr or v.byv.

All of them.