First off, who makes you the authority to questions anyone's opinion here? After all are you not the same loud mouth that has been pumping useless POS African penny stocks to investors on this bull board? You call yourself a seasoned pro but the evidence here shows your nothing more than another idiot who's got an axe to grind against the company because you got squeezed outta your position......

Rainy will not walk away from the ODM 17 extension zone that likely holds 500 ,000 ounces not including what Bayfield has on their side of the zone. I don't need to remind you that pit wall design of a mine descends on an incline? The fact that you claim Rainy River could just move it's pit design, shows how very little you know here, period! This comes down to economics and Rainy River's ability to maximize every single ounce of gold and silver into their mine plan. At the end of the day it's highest ROI that wins the day. Bayfield's property is going to increase Rainy's profit margin by adding ounces of gold to the bottom line, increasing the profit margin and the life of the mine.