From Sept 21,2011 CEO clips the last 3 paragraphs:

“We have another 37 holes or so still coming; they’re coming out in bits and pieces. We just came back in with two rigs. One’s working mainly on the Eastern Extension, and the other is working around that high-grade shoot zone that’s within 100 metres of the western border, trying to do a little more definition. Our western border is where Rainy’s pit is going to stop,” Pettit says.

“We’ve been pretty successful in defining a reasonable resource. It extends as you come across the property. So the first 100 metres we’ve done a pretty significant job there, and we now have holes out to about 500 metres across. Once we finish the definition drilling, we’ll be stepping out both drills to the east. We got a big, huge geophysical conductor toward the northeast corner.

We’re working on a resource estimate,” he points out. “We’re going to turn out a 43-101 sooner rather than later, probably fourth quarter. Rainy River’s quite interested in what we’re doing. We’ve had some conversations going back and forth—we’re not exactly strangers.”