BYV's strategy to keep the Burns Block property and not option it back to RR was a key strategic move for them and the gamble has paid off..... it could have went the other way and they could have went broke not finding anything. Nobodies feelings or ego should get in the way here from either side. Business is business and it was Rainy River that missed the mark by not completing the agreed upon work schedule. Any company in BYV's position would have done the same and took back it's property in hopes of finding something.

It's clear now that there are several major zones of gold and silver mineralization running between the two properties especially with this newly discovered Intrepid zone and that the dynamics of this whole area play have been validated.

BYV has confirmed this new high grade zone which is directly adjacent to the newly discovered Intrepid zone on Rainy River's property..... Rainy River is now calling this a major district and not just a singular ore body. Hello... I'd say the dynamics have significantly changed in Bay View's favour going forward. I think it's obvious to even Rainy River that they have more gold than they originally thought on their property and that the Burns Block is part of a larger system encompassing several shared mineralized zones.

BYV's market cap is 20 million.... hello?