RR has avoided mentioning BYV's Burns block and has avoided including the Burns block on their maps.

RR has developed their open pit mine on the west side of the BYV Burns block right to the border.  open pit mines do not go straight down vertically.  They will leave many oz's in the ground on the RR side.

BYV has found many great holes on the west side of the Burns block, so the mineralization continues onto BYV's side.

BYV has discovered much more on the east side.  RR owns the parcels on the east side too.  RR has been drilling on their side and finding more oz's.

BYV is surrounded by RR on both sides.

Mineralization exists on both sides.

Massive open pit mine will HAVE to include BYV's Burns block.  RR can not mine all THEIR oz's without BYV's Burns block.  Open pit mines are not vertically designed.  They go down 1m and over 1 m, like a bowl.


So, imo, the BYV Burns block (which has plenty of gold) is a prime target for RR to obtain in order to offically design their open pit mine strategy.


My 2 cents.