Hi dutchy3:

Answers and questions  to your post:

ANOTHER FRUSTRATED investor, yes I  am  and feel I have a right to be, based upon BYV's performance, I suspect there are more than me that feel this way.

I'm not sure what you mean by 5000 miles away from BYV and CYP, I can guess though., as the shareholders of Cyp were subjected  to a dog and pony show, me included, by the motley crew that ran it.

DD:      yes

RISK:  yes

I am very happy for you that you are happy with your BYV investment.


Question:  you posted some time ago on this board and I answered asking  you  to whom that post was directed, as it was not very clear to me, to date i have not seen a response, possibly I missed it??

This post is meant  to be  an answer to the questions  you have asked and YOU deserve to be responded  to, to the best of my ability in a civil manner.

I also feel that any shareholder that gambles their hard earned  funds  in this or any other stock  are entitled to express their views, be they positive or negative.