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Bayfield Ventures Corp V.BYV

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Gold
Alternate Symbol(s):  BYVVF

Bayfield Ventures Corp is exploring for gold and silver in the Rainy River District of northwestern Ontario.
Price: $0.215 | Change: +$0.005 | %Change: +2.38%
Volume: 6,500 | Day High/Low: 0.215/0.21 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.41/0.20

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RE:Rainy River area news yesterday

The second half of 2014 could be very interesting; restart drilling in august and before end of 2014? Time will tell. GLA  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:seems like the best solution

Spam. Pray tell, how do you know what Bayfield has?  I think anyone who sells Bayfield at this juncture with what is going on at Rainy River is going to be left crying in their beer.  rate and reply
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RE:Rainy River area news yesterday

Where can i find this news please.  rate and reply
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Rainy River area news yesterday

tells me that things will soon heat up for all companies with properties that show evidence of a resource. Things come to those that wait.  rate and reply
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RE:seems like the best solution

After investigating this stock I conclude that Jim Pettit & company are experts in arranging placements to pump in investor money to keep the company alive and able to pay out nice salaries. They own...read more
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Gold !

The big jolt in gold is coming !  rate and reply
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seems like the best solution

all things considered. More holes should equal more ounces which should result in a better buyout valueation. imho BTW Rainy River is the place to be for the next few decades.  rate and reply
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RE:This financing doesn't make any difference

Wow, you're still here? Just one question; W H Y  rate and reply
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This financing doesn't make any difference

This financing doesn't make any difference !!!!!!!  rate and reply
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http://www.bayfieldventures.com/s/NewsReleases.asp?ReportID=648789&_Type=News-Releases&_Title=Bayfield-Ventures-Announces-Non-Brokered-Private-Placements So another 900k of money to play with...read more
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Where have all the flowers gone ?

Where have all the flowers gone ? And have they lost their blooms ?  rate and reply
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alex p keaton great letter

Of course my surname is not gnawitall - ! It is something else - Stockhouse allows contributors to adopt  Pen Names - which is cool - When I saw Alex P Keaton as a name presented in Stockhouse my mind...read more
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The answer is that I would be try to be a participant - if my proposal was followed to the letter !  rate and reply
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RE:Byv What to do with it ! ?

This is creative! Never occured to me but I like your thinking! Would you partake in such a deal if it ever came to fruition?  rate and reply
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Byv What to do with it ! ?

I think Byv should refinance - but at what price and for how much money - Here's a strategy for those that want to play with possibilities ......   Refinance at between .10 to 20 cents per share to...read more
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RE:RE:Alex P Keaton great letter

Yes I again agree with APKeaton, managemnet and it's geo's did a decent job of proving up the merits of the property and keeping shareholders informed until I would say the last 4-5 months where...read more
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RE:Alex P Keaton great letter

Thanks gnawitall...I have to admit, I was a shareholder until they released their estimate on the Burns Block property--which to me was disappointing. Even if they were to do the recommended drilling...read more
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Alex P Keaton great letter

Great Letter AlexP Keaton - Realistic ! You haven't mentioned that the principals are dumping stock at these current prices - how else do you think the box can hold this up - I cannot find any reason...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Takeover? Probably...But at what price?

re: bluesteel, nice to see the bashers are out. you should call them & ask them about any "need" to do more future drilling. this is simply a waiting game. it'll happen, just don't know when.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Takeover? Probably...But at what price?

I agree with the last two posters, Casey pumped this thing like it was a sure takeout, the reality of the situation is the NI 43-101 was way too low to prompt a move by New Gold. I expect BYV is in...read more