You guys just can’t stop. The egos on this board are like a brain metastasis with no BT2111. I’m just a young gun and I’m embarrassed for you guys and the way your acting. What would your families say if they knew your tag and read these posts? Your kids would laugh in your face and your wives would B%*!h slap you in the back of your heads. I’m sure you guys are slick Sharks in the Penthouse somewhere moving millions or fat old guys with wrist supports sitting on their computers too long eating Costco size bags of cheesys. In any case it doesn’t matter. Your doodoo doesn’t smell any better then the next guys! Stop!

I respect you guys and your knowledge and that’s why I and many other come here, but man! When it gets like this. Its just plain embarrassing, do some self reflecting. You’re just feeding the fire. You will always be angry and resentful if you keep this up. It’s a “Bioasis” board not “who’s the top dog?" board. Be happy! The news is great!

Me, I'm Loving Bioasis right now. I have been developing my position for over a year now and its all coming to fruition now. This is an excellent exercise in patients and a good learning process for me. I am grateful for stumbling unto this stock and this board, well… when it’s informative at least.

P.S. I have a Lamborghini LP 700-4 Limousine with a hot tub in it and it’s made out of Californium. That’s right. And I only use it to get the mail at the end of the driveway.

3....2....Main engines start...........