The milestone news just released has some interesting market trading implications. Stock visibility often comes with the degree of media exposure to retail investors. For instance, Blackberry has had incredible media exposure and the stock is hesitant here, awaiting further validation from end users and business, and ultimately the U.S. and global markets. ( there is also the question of product to market availability ). So, even with the Blackberry, individual endorsement of the technology will push sales and the stock price. If the end user pans the technology, or seems very complacent about it, the results for the shareholders will be muted at best.


With BTI, we should witness the 'pull' effect, with the technology being endorsed by major pharma, by way of licensing agreements ( perhaps both market and Co. segmented ), collaborations or even buy out (  doubtful ) ... or other possibilities. Once any major licensing agreement ( major news) is announced, the commercial endorsement of the technology will immediately have widespread public exposure and investors will take note. Further validation by way of clinical success in humans will be the ultimate endorsement.


Those choosing to trade the stock now are taking a real risk of being left behind with any sudden, major news. As someone mentioned earlier, this is not the type of investment to 'sell on news'... although it is reasonable for some too take profits here depending on when they originally got in. 


The next few weeks/months should be very exciting.