Shire enters into collaboration with Bioasis, 13 months later and no real news. Then all of the sudden “We are so astonished at the results that we need to do some tests again to reconfirm. Oh, and it will take a month or so… maybe less.”

IR may be telling the truth but I can’t help it, when I hear things like that my mind starts contemplating scenarios. My perception of the company is ‘stay tight lipped until concrete deals are made. So tell the investors “retest” or “more data points” if they keep calling.’

Shire: “stop low balling us and yes you need to take on most of the risk from here on” or “hurry up and finalize your buyout with AstraZeneca so we can get our deals on.”

Roche: “that number sounds nice but we both know we are worth more than that to you, How about we add another zero to that number!”

“Great lets shake on it, get me IR on the phone”.

Yup, those all sound good.