Texas was saying that the results were compelling so far, final results soon to come. Or maybe it’s in Roche’s court to dictate how the press release comes out. Shire, UCB, Medimune, and Abbot Collaborations! All above the above mentioned Pharmas have invested time and money just not in share price. 35%!! or 17%!!!.... Whatever, if you’re gonna look at charts set it to 1 year or even better set it to 2 years. O look!! all of the sudden everything is gravy (+145.61%) Wow! Don’t get caught up in the panic sells people. THE STORY HASENT CHANGED. News is inevitable and the question you need to ask yourself after reviewing at least 1 year of PR’s is “do you believe the next press release will be positive?” Trade on your answer to that question.

“Anon” yeah it sucks but who cares. Being new to all this (only a couple of years) it’s so true how so many very intelligent investors who are extremely savvy and understand way more than me turn into emotional babies when things turn down. Then they start looking for others to vent their frustrations on. Its quite sad. Stay focused people.

The following I read in Yahoo finance I think

“Average people believe the markets are driven by logic and strategy. Rich people know they're driven by emotion and greed.” Steve Siebold