This article talks about TDM1 delaying progression of HER2 postive breast cancers.   This was discussed a while back but thought I would bring it up again.  Because BT2111 is 3 times more effective than Herceptin alone and TDM1 targets HER+2 cancer cells, it sounds like a combo conjugate of TDM1 and BT2111 would work exceptionally well but because the treatment costs so much for TDM1 ($188K per year) and would extend the patent life of Herceptin, would Roche want the combo of TDM1 and BT2111?  Ie. would the combo be too effective to be ridiculously lucrative?  Do they really want to cure/kill HER2 breast cancers completely or would they prefer to simply slow the progression down extracting as much cash as possible?