There has been a continued seller via 'anonymous' this week ... someone has been steadily unloading a large block of shares for whatever reason... and the possibilities are almost endless. On the other side... someone or several is/are also buying up all those shares in the $1.50 area. He/she/they are buying real value here IMO.

Maybe someone wanted to get back into RIM? ... or RVX? (doing very well now ... paving the way for BTI ) ... or maybe a pharma wants to keep the share price quiet before a offer? ... or maybe a broker selling slowly for a seller who just needs the dough? ... or maybe someone borrowing and selling the shares hoping they will depress the stock and buy them lower to give them back the to the broker and pocket the difference ( if so, high risk move IMO ) in this news gap ... or... your guess is as good as mine.(  You know how careful one has to be not to offend the sensibilities of anyone here by being 'stupid'. )

Whatever the reason ... on low volume in a news gap, timing can be everything. If/when good news hits in succession from TTU and Shire, and if it is very good news, we should see a snowball effect ramping the stock up. Also, if there should be an expected licensing agreement ... or an actual licensing agreement signing, other pharmas will likely take immediate notice. Could be fun, Let's hope so.

I can only hope all the grammar and spelling is correct.  

Maybe, in the interim we will get some sort of update from BTI. It certainly wouldn't be out of expection.  

Who wants your shares and why?