I see many have not put the 'disturber' on ignore. Too bad. I have no idea what muck he is spewing but can see that he is garnering needless attention. Waste of time.

If the stock regresses here...the chart technicals suggest it could go to the baseline around $1.20...that would be a wonderful Christmas gift buy. We will watch for bargains.

Anyone who really understands the fundamentals will know this in spades. Scaremongers and shorts love it.

BB sites like this are for sharing information ... mostly on the fundamantals. Sifting through the credible posts and researching the facts decide how most astute investors will proceed. Individual retail investors have been important to date and volume is low. With any news on big pharma commitment... the media, large investors, funds, brokers and greater visibility will take over and the individual retailer will have negligable effect on daily trading. 

I'm not expecting any substantial news in December so the stock might swoon a bit. We shall see.