Somebody needed Christmas money; was happy to give them some! Good buy Kayaker; I picked some up for my company account @ $1.49 and might pick-up some more. Pretty well vested now. Just need to top up the TFSA accounts for me and the wife for next year! Glad tidings are on there way; time is getting tight!

As Rob Hutchison said Oct. 18, 2012

We’ve had great success of late in enticing some major pharmaceutical company into collaborations with us, most notably Shire and Abbott Pharmaceuticals. Collaborations are the precursor to these companies looking at licensing our technology for their own use. Everyone wants to try it – to see if works for their compounds. The key signal for us is the fact that so many of them want to talk to us. Collaborations are no minor matter for large pharma, each time they enter into one, it means that other already planned scientific work has to be set aside to allow for the collaboration to take precedence, often at great cost. So I see Bioasis entering into many more collaborations – as well we are aggressively advancing a number of Herceptin like programs internally, showing further advancements of our technology. The next 12 months for Bioasis are going to be very exciting and I feel that it is going to be very exciting for our shareholders as well.