IMBROKE2.  In your prior note you stated, "the market sifts through the bs and facts and makes a judgement and I'm seeing that Mr. Market knows more than you and all of us peons...".

So perhaps you could explain how Mr Market sifted through the bs and facts and made a judgement that was correctly priced as it climbed to $1305 in March of 2000.

Or perhaps you can explain how Mr Market sifted through the bs and facts and arrived at a market cap of $300 million for

This year, the TSXV is down over 20%.  BTI is up more than 150%.  You're getting confused by current short term gyrations and some emotional selling.  What you assume is a problem with BTI is just a market period of derisking.  Europe, Japan, US debt & deficit, fiscal cliff, US recession, overvalued markets, tax loss selling.  Take your pick.  

Actually, I would encourage you to continue relying on Mr Market to do your thinking and pricing for you.  The rest of us who do our own research and analysis rely on the sheep to sell us shares when they're a bargain and take them off our hands when they're overpriced.

"...Markets do not accurately discount all known fundamentals, but rather they overdiscount or underdiscount this information depending on the market's emotional environment, and indeed this is one of the sources of investing or trading opportunities...".

Market Sense and Nonsense. How the Markets Really Work and How they Don't.
Jack Schwager, 2012