Some might be biting their nails when we dip. Or when “Debby Downer” shows up (right on cue. You know who you are) to kick dirt in everyone’s face when were down. There is no real volume here, just waiting. Recaping the news.

Sept  2011 – Biotech Executive joins

Oct 2011 – BC Cancer research “compelling”

Nov 2011 – NRC  “Transcend can deliver an anti-amyloid beta antibody to the brain”

Nov 2011 – BTI Enters Shire evaluation and option agreement

Jan 2012 – TTU Preclinical studies begin

Feb 2012 – BTI is named TSX venture top 50

Mar 2012 – “positive results, from an ADCC assay, complemented previous results”

June 2012 – TTU has yielded some compelling data. BT2111 uptake into the brain was 1000-fold.

June 2012 – BTI has entered into an agreement with Abbott

June 2012 - Mr. Gubitz a seasoned life science executive and lawyer joins BTI

Sept 2012 – At TTU, BT2111 arrests the growth tumors in a xenograft model

Sept 2012 - positive results of a preliminary toxicity evaluation of test animals

Nov 2012 – BTI entered into a research and evaluation agreement with MedImmune

Dec 2012 – BTI entered into a research collaboration agreement with UCB

Skipping private placements and option grants leaves the rest of the news all positive and progressive.  Any one Pharma making a move would launch this company. Even if one deal falls through we have a lot more kicks at the can (and we are wearing steel toed boots.) And from what IR is saying there are more Pharmas stepping up. It’s a no brainer. Even if you do not care about the company and what they are trying to accomplish there are so many shots we have at this you would have to take a second look.

IMBROKE2, when you get tired of constantly being such a loser there’s a can over there, why don’t you have a seat!