IMBROKE2.  While you're looking up word definitions, be sure to look up "troll".  You read a post or two about a hypothetical case for a $50 or $100 stock value, and now you "figure" everybody here has been "sold a dream"?  Puleeeese.  What a laugh.  

I'm more than happy to hear a logical, well thought out argument why BTI won't be successful.  But there's none of that in any of your posts.  Just lame attempts at fear mongering.  Ohhhhh, lookout!  This thing is falling to 40 cents!  Jeepers, why didn't think of that?!!  I guess I should sell all my stock!  Doh.

And now you're just "trying to shed some light".  What a joke.  You don't know 1% of what many folks here know about the company and its prospects.  You're the classic trolling clown who visits a board when a stock drops just to stir up some sh#t.

Who said this?

"I'm not spending any time discouraging people, especially in here since you are all fully invested and margined up!"

Take your own advice and go do your trolling somewhere else.