The Shire deal was done quickly, over a year ago, and it suggested at the time that they were going to move fast . They should have had confirmation of BTI’s technology integrity by last March/April latest. This leaves much speculation about why they have stalled so long. Are they simply trying to squeeze BTI in a bit of a bluff? Could they have pursued other therapeutic possibilities with Transcend that required much more additional study or confirmation data?  Could they have been looking for a loophole in the IP (intellectual property) data ? (I know conspiracy theory).

Speculation at the time was that Shire’s Elaprase (Enzyme Replacement Therapy) conjugate market alone approached $1 billion….and that an early licensing agreement could have seen the conjugate quickly marketed. So, what was/is Shire stalling for? It’s always about the money so, it might mean they are looking at several revenue streams and it has caused delay…they do have 3 other ERT’s I believe.  I leave the other possibilities to the astute posters here. One simply must conclude that the surprise ‘MedImmune’ announcement has Shire rethinking whatever strategy they had. ..and now today’s UCB collaboration agreement announcement creates even more stimulus, speculation and spice.

Has Shire simply been playing chicken with BTI, … with so many competitors in the LSD (Lysosome Storage Disease) slice of the global market for rare disease CNS therapeutics? On the surface of it, Shire may regret the fiddling act unless they act swiftly.

UCB has therapeutics for both CNS and Immunology … for Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, ADHD, Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, allergies and respiratory disease. Annual sales are over $4 billion with 183.3 million shares trading. .. today at 43.7 Euros or about  $57 million up from 31 Euros a year ago. is definitely getting interesting isn't it?