but wait, there's more!


read that very carfully, some hidden gems in there for sure

i wonder how abbott feels about astra zeneca potentially muscling in on their turf?

if only az had an lsd franchise. oh well.

its a beautiful day today. i love this game, especially when i'm on the winning team.

go bti go!

go Rob go!

go DRJ go!

yeah me!

yeah us! yes, even you risky!


the often imitated, never duplicated, wanted by many and hated by none, not to mention good looking too...



ps, here's one for you guys that love promoting your other stories here, found on that link, CAT-213 — a human monoclonal antibody to eotaxin 1, which was formally named Bertilimumab.[80] In January 2007, CAT licensed the drug for treatment of allergy disorders to iCo Therapeutics Inc. who renamed it from CAT-213 to iCo-008

pss i bet you idgits can't believe your luck! finally a tie you can brag about!